Really? You can’t figure out what this  WEBsite is about from its title?!? It’s about WORKING OUT YOUR CRAP! How can you miss that!

          We all go through stuff that dishevels us, that throws us off balance; that throws the universe  off balance. When we go through enough of it, it piles up. Ergo—crap! Piles of it!

          So how do you dig out from under all the piles of @#%$ you’ve created or that other people have blessed you with? That’s where we come in. We want to help you shovel, dig, remove some of the stinky weight that piles up upon you and keeps you down.

          Please let us know if we’re helping…, or just full of it ourselves. We do NOT want to add more to the pile.

Gary Davis

Head Shovel- Crap Removal and Prevention (Crap)


Workingoutyourcrap.com is an independent problem solving website owned and operated by NEEDinc in Amherst MA. A 501C-3 company.

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