Finding the Entrance to Hell

Dr, Gary, Davis, Hell, Clueless, Christians, Dante, Divine, Comedy, Newark, Contrary to popular belief the entrance to hell is NOT Newark Airport; nor is it in a hidden parking lot at LAX; nor does the entrance to hell exit in Hinesville, GA Though these are all probable possibilities, their designations as such is not even close, even if closely feeling like it.

For a culture that increasingly does not believe in God or an afterlife there sure seems to be a lot of belief in angels and demons, and in a literal Devil. God was deleted from our interest list when He infringed on our personal preferences and pleasure. Bad God, bad God! That being said, it must be noted that Jesus is making a comeback in the movie industry. Good Jesus, good Jesus. At least someone is making money

We do not like to think about the possibility of hell existing as our soul’s final resting place. We are not even sure how to describe hell, if it actually exists. For help, I point you to Dante Alighieri’s (1265-1321) Divina Commedia, the medieval worldview’s allegory of the afterlife. (Read it in English.) Some of us are deeply concerned about not going there. WE construct rules and practices to obey so that we DO NOT go there: most of us merely toss the idea aside as antiquated imagination. Thus do we play with it in the media. Hummm.

However, allow me to suggest that, though few of us are actively looking for the entrance to hell, unless you are already at Newark Airport, we certainly try to live like hell. Don’t believe me? Here’s my list on whether or not you are seeking, or heading to, hell.

1.      You put yourself and your interests first—all the time.

2.      You ignore the advice and/or criticism of people who really know you.

3.      You live by your own standards; circumstances, or the needs of others, be damned.

4.      You don’t give a rip about our world’s poor or needy.

5.      You don’t listen: your opinion or agenda are all that matter.

6.      You are stingy, tight-fisted and penny-pinching.

7.      You are kind to others only if there is something in it for you.

8.      You talk a good game, but do little to back up your words with action (ATNA).

9.      You never, never ever sacrifice.

10.  You rarely feel anything. It’s safer that way.

If any of these descriptions define you, you are well on your way to finding the entrance to hell.


For what it’s worth,


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