Test yourself, Change your future

Test Yourself, Change Your Future!

During one WEBrowsing obsession I came across TEST YOURSELF, CHANGE YOUR FUTURE, by Richard Stephenson. (http://richardstep.com/self-help/48-core-values-motivation-for-work-satisfaction/ ). Some of the qualities he admonished us to cultivate were those such as achievement, aesthetics, deeper affiliations with people, balance in work & family, challenge, compassion, creativity, hearing diverse perspectives, nurturing a rich family life, maintaining good physical health and mental/emotional well-being, a genuine spirituality, tempered wisdom. Richard’s full list is far more extensive than this offering, and it would be worth your while to read the whole article.

In fact, his list was so insightful that I am here passing its observations on for your perusal and pondering. As you go through this list of life values and motivators check off which ones describe you as a person. Then ask someone else to concur…, or not. Great fun.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Richard Stephenson for creating such a comprehensive list.

For what it’s worth,


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